Monday, 12 January 2009

Six in trial for trafficking a Thai bonded woman in Plymouth

A Thai woman who was bonded into the sex trade in Britain was bought and sold for £20,000 and forced to have sex with up to 10 men a day. Luckily those involved were caught and brought to trial - however there is no report about what happened to the Thai woman. If she did not consent to being prostituted are the women who bought her for sex being traced and charged with rape? I think they should be - if they did not know she was trafficked then perhaps they should have thought about it and the other women who may not have consented to being a prostitute theat they have had sex with.

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North-east woman admits part in trafficking woman
Thai citizen made to work in sex trade
By Ryan Crighton
Published: 09/01/2009
AN ABERDEEN woman has admitted her part in trafficking a Thai citizen across the UK to work in the sex trade.
Jutamas Songglin, who was caught by police trying to leave the country with £10,000 in cash, forced the 29-year-old victim to see 10 men a day at a brothel in Plymouth.
Two men and five women, including Songglin, admitted s charges relating to trafficking the 29-year-old woman across the UK, turning her to prostitution, controlling her in that trade and running a brothel in Plymouth and another in Taunton when they appeared in court.
Andrew Oldland, prosecuting, told Plymouth Crown Court: “This was an organised criminal activity, focusing on the exploitation of prostitutes for gain.”

He said the victim fell prey to loan sharks in Thailand. She was smuggled to the UK via Ireland and then sold to Jarawee Faknak and Chananchida Chankaeo for about £20,000. She was expected to work as a prostitute to pay off her “debt bond”.

She was taken to Luton, where she worked as a prostitute for about a week, and then to Plymouth.

At an earlier hearing Songglin, 26, admitted her part in trafficking the woman across the country for sexual exploitation between September and October 2007. Songglin, who is understood to have stayed at both Faulds Gate and Wallfield Place in Aberdeen, had promised the victim a job in a restaurant. However, the victim was forced to see 10 men a day before she was rescued by a client.

The court heard that Songglin was stopped at Heathrow Airport carrying £10,000 in cash in November 2007.

Faknak, 40, from Southampton, has admitted two charges of trafficking the Thai woman in the UK for sexual exploitation in September and October 2007. Chankaeo, 28, from an unknown address, had earlier admitted forcing the woman to become a prostitute in September that year.
Vithool Gomart, 51, from London, has admitted trafficking her in the UK for sexual exploitation in September and October 2007.

Yu Ming Lee, 32, from Nottingham, admitted controlling the woman as a prostitute in September 2007.

Mee Wong, 41, and her daughter Grace Lim, 20, both from London, admitted two charges of managing the brothels in Plymouth and Taunton between June and October 2007.

On Wednesday, Judge Francis Gilbert remanded all in custody, except Wong, who was released to care for her four-month-old baby. All seven will be sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court on February 5.

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