Saturday, 27 December 2008

Santa and Familicide

In Britain every six weeks a man will have his power and priviledge taken away and will choose a henious way to express that - familicide. Killing his family, sometimes they are sucessful in their attempt to kill themselves, sometimes it is just their children, sometimes their wife/girlfriend too and sometimes it is the whole extended family.

In New York on Christmas Eve 2008 a man identified as Padro, aged 45 dressed up as Santa Claus and exterminated his ex-wife's extended family and their children. 8 are now dead. He shot an 8 year old girl who exitably answered the door to Santa Claus point blank in the face and made a device out of a christmas present that sprayed flammable liquid on the party goers. His wife divorced him after a year, he was not happy about the divorce and took vengeance on her and her family. He later killed himself. This is not a mental illness, this is not suicidal ideation but homicidal ideation and intent Read more here. Our thoughts should go to the family where this most monstrous of crimes happened.

Until the violence and killing stops we cannot be silent about men's violemnce towards women and their children.