Sunday, 8 February 2009

Izevbekhai family must stay

Support Pamela Izevbekhai and her two daughters against deportation
Pamela Izevbekhai and her two daughters are under threat of deportation by the Irish government. They fled Nigeria after another daughter died following female genital mutilation and Pamela's husband’s family planned to forcibly mutilate her remaining two girls. The husband remains in Nigeria but supports his wife and does not want his daughters cut.

Check out 'Let them stay' for how you can support this family . Pamela explains the process of FGM and how she tried to get help for her daughter who bled to death after being butchered, all in the name of controlling women's sexuality.
Is this not a child protection issue? In Scotland it is agzainst the law to organise FGM. If Ireland deported this family, would they be organsing FGM?