Monday, 17 December 2007

Girl raped in mcDonald's

Hairdresser 'raped in MacDonald's toilets' Brian HorneA HAIRDRESSER told a trial she was raped when she went to fix her make-up inthe loo at McDonald's in Princes Street.Her attacker – a complete stranger – then tried to pin the blame for whatwas happening on her, the High Court in Edinburgh heard today.The 17-year-old said she only escaped when Ryan McPhee's girlfriend beganknocking on the door of the cubicle.McPhee, 20, shouted in reply: "I love you Amanda. She's raping me."McPhee, of Rosslyn Street, Kirkcaldy, denies rape, claiming the hairdresser– who was 16 at the time – consented to sex.The hairdresser told how she and a friend met up on the evening of July 29last year and headed into Edinburgh city centre where they went toMcDonald's in Princes Street.She said that before ordering any food she slipped to the toilet to touch upher make-up.The usual toilets on the upper floor were closed, so she slipped into adisabled toilet on the ground floor.As she got ready to leave, someone began knocking on the door. "I am justcoming", she said before unlocking the door and stepping out.McPhee was the man who confronted her, she told the trial. "He didn't sayanything but a couple of seconds later he tried to kiss me," said thehairdresser."I said 'I don't know you,'" she continued. "He said: 'My name is Ryan'."She said she tried to walk past him but he stood in her way. "He pushed meinto the toilet and put the lock on it."McPhee asked for oral sex, she claimed. "I told him to f*** off, I wasn'tlike that."She said he offered her "a tenner" then when she repeatedly refused, he saidhe would give her £70, opening his wallet to show her money inside.The hairdresser described how McPhee proceeded to rape her in spite of herprotests."Did something else happen while that was going on?" asked advocate deputeAlan Mackay, prosecuting."Someone knocked on the door. It was his girlfriend," the hairdresserreplied."He shouted 'Amanda, I love you' and 'she is raping me'".The hairdresser added: "I managed to move because he was distracted. He wastalking."She said she could not remember who opened the toilet door but thegirlfriend was just outside."My eyes were watering but I just stood there. I was just really upset."She said McPhee also left the toilet and the girlfriend began shouting.The hairdresser said she re-joined her pal and after McPhee left the burgerbar with his girlfriend she said: "He has just raped me."She said she started crying and, on the way home, her friend persuaded herto go to the police.Mr Mackay asked her: "Before you saw this man in the toilet, had you evermet him before?" The hairdresser told him: "Never."Solicitor advocate Iain Paterson, defending, suggested she could have pushedthe door and walked out. "I was scared. He looked like he was on something,"she said.The trial continues.

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